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Aphrodite's Oracle: Guidebook & Card Deck

Aphrodite's Oracle: Card Deck & Guidebook

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28 Card Deck

Paperback Guidebook

Independently Published

The myth of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Desire, is the source of inspiration for this beautiful oracle deck. The cards represent the archetypal lessons of this enigmatic and often misunderstood Goddess, bringing extra layers of depth to a Goddess known primarily for her sexual sway. Reaching further into her sphere of influence, the oracle portrays an empowered portrait of Aphrodite, including her aspects as a warlike deity as well as one of persuasion and political influence. The complex stories of Aphrodite show us that we don't have to sacrifice our softer side in order to take control, and the love over which she presides includes a broader respect for the world and its inhabitants.

According to myth, only three beings were able to remain untouched by the far reaching powers of Aphrodite- Athena, Hestia and Artemis, the sworn virgin Goddesses. Every other thing that lives and moves is at the mercy of love as it influences our lives in unseen ways. Let this oracle be a guide to traversing the chaotic waters of life and love!

Featuring beloved art work that captures the essence of Aphrodite in her many aspects, the deck illustrates the journey of love, from physical pleasures to celestial connection.

Practice making a daily draw with Aphrodite's oracle to gain guidance and insight for your day ahead.

The guidebook features journal prompts so that you may work through the lessons of the cards in order to progress further along your chosen path. Connect with the chaotic, nurturing and sexually charged feminine energy of this ancient archetype as you delve deeper into self knowing and empowerment.

A digital PDF version of the guidebook will also be available in addition to the physical copy of the guidebook.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this unique, limited addition deck. A small print run, this artisan oracle deck will make a treasured addition to your collection.

Printed on a smooth finish card stock, in a tuck box.

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