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Lilith's Oracle: Guidebook & Card Deck


Pre-Order: Release date for the limited edition run of Lilith's Oracle is March 11th 2024. Orders will be shipped from the UK.

28 Card Deck

Paperback Guidebook

Independently Published

Lilith is an entity who reinvents herself continually. Just as the snake to whom she closely associates shall shed its skin, so too does she cast off old personas. To the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia she was a wind spirit and handmaiden to the Goddess Inanna. In Jewish folklore she was a baby eating demon; a Kabbalistic text known as the Zohar describes her as a wicked seductress of men. The Ur of Ben proclaimed her to be the first wife of Adam before Eve. In all of these varying incarnations, several things remain consistent in her character: she is nefarious, uncontrollable, threatening, and rebellious. She represented the darkest aspects of the feminine, becoming a succubus figure. Lilith was most likely not considered to be a Goddess in these previous incantations, but today the image of Lilith has evolved to a darkly mysterious, Goddess-like feminist figure. Lilith represents those who won't conform or fit in, those who live unapologetically whilst pursuing a life that makes them happy.

Lilith's oracle is a card deck that draws on the untameable power of Lilith; its message is one of radical self-confidence and acceptance of the rejected parts of ourself. Illustrated with classic works of art, the cards embody the lessons of Lilith. Use Lilith's Oracle to explore this archetype within yourself. Practice making a daily draw to receive guidance and messages, or use the topic of the card as a prompt for shadow work.

Featuring beloved art work that captures the essence of the Goddess in her many aspects, the deck conveys the wisdom and power of Lilith, drawing from the stories that are told about her.

Practice making a daily draw with Lilith's oracle to gain guidance and insight for your day ahead.

The guidebook features an in-depth explanation for each card. Connect with the primordial, dark feminine energy of this ancient archetype as you delve deeper into self knowing and empowerment.

A digital PDF version of the guidebook will also be available in addition to the physical copy of the guidebook.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this unique, limited addition deck. A small print run, this artisan oracle deck will make a treasured addition to your collection.

Printed on a smooth finish card stock, in a tuck box.