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Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

A bright full moon is a suitably mystical time to shuffle our decks and perform a little divination! The moon reaches its peak in the zodiac sign of Leo, a passionate fiery energy ruled by the sun.

Tarot Card Spread

Working with the Leo energy, this spread will offer a single card reading to provide advice on what you can do to further your passions and inject a little more joy into the everyday.

Which card are you drawn to, 1, 2 or 3? Pick a card then check below for your full moon message.

Tarot Card Spread 2

Card 1: 10 of Pentacles Reversed

Are you taking on more than you should? The 10 of Pentacles speaks of completion and responsibilities, but in the reversed position it implies an imbalance. Perhaps other people are passing off their duties onto you because you have a reputation for never saying no. Being helpful to other is appropriate, but don't let this come at the expense of your own well-being. Look for ways to delegate some of your tasks so that you can have some time to yourself. Ask for help and support if you need it; if you take on too much and don't make time for your pleasures you'll burn out.

Card 2: King of Cups Reversed

The King of Cups is a card of emotional well-being and balance; the head and heart are in alignment. However, in the reversed position we are asked to challenge some of our feelings towards indulging ourselves. Do you think that taking time for pleasure is wasteful? Perhaps you are afraid of appearing vain or boastful by allowing yourself to shine. Explore whether or not you are being as kind to yourself as you ought to be and give yourself permission to be a little extravagant.

Card 3: Star Reversed

The Star is a beautiful card that represents our dreams and deepest wishes. It is hopeful and optimistic, but in the reversed position can suggest that we aren't sure what it is that makes us happy. There is an air of feeling lost or out of touch with our goals and dreams. Meditate on what it is that you desire most, no matter how fantastical it may seem. Re-discover what lights you up by trying new things. Don't be afraid to fantasize, even if your aspirations seem out of reach right now. Keep the faith that good things will come to you, as long as you take the smallest of baby steps in the right direction.

I hope that you found some value with this little reading; if you are interested in learning to read the Tarot, check out my printable grimoire pages.

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