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How to Import ePub Files onto a Kindle

When you choose to buy digital books from an independent author such as yours truly, you may wonder how to get those files onto your device in a way that they can be read easily. While PDF files are universal and generally easy to access, reading them on a small screen, such as a phone, is clunky and difficult to manoeuvre. This makes for a frustrating reading experience, which is why I provide you with both a PDF and an ePub version of my books, as ePubs are perfectly formatted to be used on your favourite e-reader app. Importing an ePub file into your Kindle app can be a little tricky though, so I have put together a handy guide to show you how to load it into your virtual library and start reading!

Step 1

Kindle home screen

Open your kindle app and locate the 'More' menu option that should appear underneath the three vertical lines.

Step 2

Kindle settings menu

Hopefully you'll see a screen with further options, choose 'Settings'.

Step 3

Kindle email address

Underneath an option titled 'Send to Kindle Email Address' you will see an email address. This is your personal Kindle email; any ePub books that are sent to this address will appear in your Kindle library.

Step 4

Navigate over to your usual email app and compose a new email. No need to add a subject or any body text, simply attach the ePub file as an attachment, and type your Kindle email in the 'To' field. Send it and voila, your ePub shall appear in your Kindle library in a matter of seconds.

I hope that you found this mini guide useful. I'd like to offer my gratitude to all of the beautiful souls that choose to support indie authors. May your cup run over with abundance, and the cool side of your pillow always be extra cool!

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