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Mermaid Runes: The Mermaid's Oracle

It is Mer-May 2022, the time of year that crafty creators and artists produce mermaid themed art. As a mermaid fanatic, I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to make my own mer-based contribution. I present to you the Mermaid Runes, an 11 piece set of pictographic symbols that represent what I feel to be the core imagery of the mysterious siren, including the handheld mirror and their enchanting song. The Mermaid Runes consist of the following:

  1. Pearl: Ideas & Wisdom
  2. Mirror: Self & Introspection
  3. Moon: Intuition & Magick
  4. Seaweed: Adversity & Obstacles
  5. Starfish: Hope & Luck
  6. Clam Shell: Love & Protection
  7. Song: Communication & Attraction
  8. Octopus: Strength & Self Control
  9. Sand Dollar: Wealth & Contentment
  10. Tide: Balance & Movement
  11. Mermaid's Tear: Endings & Sorrow

mermaid shell runes

Use the mermaid runes when you wish to receive wisdom and guidance from the clairvoyant queens of the sea!

Create a set of your very own by painting shells, pebbles or crafting from polymer clay. The options are limited only by your imagination. I created this set using a sharpie to draw directly onto flat scallop shells. I then sprayed a very thin layer of clear acrylic paint over the top to seal the image. If you apply sealant, apply it in extremely thin layers from a distance of at least 30cm otherwise your image may run!

For more information check out the printable PDF guide here for detailed rune definitions.

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