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Lilith's Oracle Giveaway Celebration

Lilith's oracle has been a challenging project. I felt the pressure to really do justice to Lilith and her mythos because she has been so vastly misunderstood. Many still feel protective over her, but it was important to me to create something that represents what Lilith means to me in the modern era. Called the First Woman, Lilith first appears in Sumerian mythology as a spirit that inhabits a sacred tree that the Goddess Inanna wishes to have carved into a bed. The hero Gilgamesh frightens Lilith away, along with the serpent and Huluppu bird that also made the tree their home. Centuries later, Lilith shows up in Jewish folklore as a succubus type figure that seduces men in their sleep in order to steal their seed for her demon spawn. Much feared, people created amulets that they hung in their children's nurseries to prevent her from harming them. In this way, Lilith represented the Dark Mother archetype, something that society still has a difficult relationship with to this day. Later still, the Ur of Ben wrote of Lilith as the precursor to Eve. Made of the same earth as Adam, she wished for equality and refused to lay beneath him during sex. Adam would not compromise so Lilith took flight from the Garden of Eden. To make up for the loss of Adam's mate, Eve was then formed from a piece of Adam's rib so that she would be subservient to him.

Lilith's oracle deck is a reclamation of the darkest parts of ourselves, helping us to understand that we are always whole, even though society might make us feel like we aren't. It is an exploration of the emotions that we are taught to repress and how we can unwind the shame surrounding them. This oracle deck was created as a tool to help people understand that they do not have to conform, they don't have to look or act a certain way, and they do not need to apologise for taking up space. It is a deck for anyone who wants to move past people pleasing or presenting a false face to make others feel comfortable.

Lilith's Oracle card deck

To celebrate all of this, I am giving away a free copy of the deck and guidebook over on Instagram and Facebook. Simply head over to my socials and find the giveaway post. The competition is open worldwide, with the winner being announced on the 11th of March, 2024.

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If you can't wait for the end of the competition to own your very own Lilith deck, it is available for pre-order in my store.

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